Kreationsbyrån joins ARC alongside Umain in the strengthening of ARC's Tech Offering

May 19, 2022

We are very excited to announce that Kreationsbyrån has joined ARC alongside Umain and will thereby strengthen the competence within web development and complement ARC’s and Umain’s existing tech offering.

Kreationsbyrån will bring offers within services such as open-source CMS, E-commerce and NextJS together with tech strategy and requirements. Kreationsbyrån will also strengthen the Tech direction and advisement capability.

The companies will work closely together as a unified offering around tech challenges and development initiatives that arise across ARC.

Kreationsbyrån will move to ARC’s new office at Mäster Samuelsgatan before summer together with the rest of companies within ARC.

“It's great to welcome Kreationsbyrån to the family. We have been working with each other as partners previously. With this news we are looking forward to intensifying our work together and welcome Kreationsbyrån with their capabilities and competences within web development. Kreationsbyrån already feels as a part of the team and culture.”

-Özgur Sel, CEO, Umain

“It’s great joining ARC and I look forward to working closely with Umain’s tech team moving forward. We feel it is a great match.”

- Herbert Cuba Garcia, CEO, Kreationsbyrån

About Kreationsbyrån

Kreationsbyrån is a digital agency in the heart of Stockholm with industry-leading expertise in the development and delivery of digital solutions.

Their cutting-edge expertise lies in front-end, e-commerce, tailor-made systems and tech strategy, where they are working with open-source technologies such as, Silverstripe CMS, Wordpress, Laravel, VueJS and React Native.

Kreationsbyrån has a strong team of consultants with many years of experience in realizing different types of digital tailor-made projects - large and small. Not infrequently a combination or mix of e-commerce systems, CMS solutions and apps.

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