The data drummer: Meet Timmy

April 21, 2021

How is web analytics integrated into Umain?

Analytics plays a major role in all our decisions. It takes guesswork out of the equation and leads to more accurate hypotheses and better decisions. It helps us to create highly converting products that users love. It also helps us to deliver these products at a high pace.

Web analytics is all about aligning the clients’ needs with the users’ needs

How can Umain web analytics help clients to stay ahead of their competitors?

If you know your user inside out and design products that help them achieve their goals, they will return – again and again. Web analytics is all about aligning the clients’ needs with the users’ needs.

How can Umain web analytics help clients stay in line with customer expectations?

Skilled analysis is crucial, since data nowadays is overabundant. We use a range of tools to get as close to the truth as is statistically possible. We aim for the long run as well. Web trends can be compelling, but are often short-lived. We provide solutions that allow for ongoing testing, optimisation and personalisation and that can be continuously updated with great new features. This keeps customers retained and satisfied.

What will be the trends online in 2021?

Privacy, for sure. The ethics of how the data is being used and how users consent to share information will become even more important. These issues are things we consider in every project and make great effort to be ahead of.

Timmy Assjer Fredriksson

Web Analyst at Umain

Timmy Assjer Fredriksson is a Web Analyst wizard at Umain. He has a bachelor's degree laid out over three different universities: Södertörn University, KTH and Konstfack – earning him holistic insights of project management, production processes and design thinking. When not working, Timmy blows off steam as an avid jazz drummer.

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