Bringing a spark to a classic brand to increase awareness


Client: Cricket

Services: Brand Design, 
Business Design, 
Content Design, 
Brand site development


Cricket was struggling with low brand awareness among their target audience. The challenge posed was to inject new meaning to the brand, change the perception of what their lighters represent, increase their brand awareness and thereby increase their digital engagement with their prospective customers.


Bring Your Spark Brought To Life
Umain designed the new brand site to spread positivity, to keep the fire burning and to bring the brand concept to life. Any user could effectively discover the Cricket brand in its' entirety. Umain built the site with a SaaS CMS solution which provided flexibility to tailor for the design and content experience. Integrated tracking & analytics tools highlighted what parts of the brand audiences were most passionate about. The analytics included analysis on speed also as the revised content experience should not stand in the way of a fast user experience. The new brand concept places the product in the centre of the user experience, linking brand awareness with activation & interest towards specific products. The Cricket lighter embodies the passion through the design, imagery, films and storytelling.


  • 30% engagement increase
  • 3x lead generation growth
  • 200% bounce rate decrease
  • Regarding a fast user experience, First and Largest Contentful Paint kept under 1 second
  • 140+ markets deployed
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