Scaling a digital product, including mobile ordering and loyalty programmes, to over 60 Markets globally


Client: McDonalds

Services: Product Design, System Design, Business Design, Software Engineering, Data Analytics 


McDonald's lacked a way to speak directly with their customers across a wide range of countries globally. As each market had different needs and expectations, a sufficiently flexible solution was required to allow a consistent approach, but also a high degree of market-by-market configuration.


We designed and developed a digital product for all markets and made it highly configurable to fit each market's specific requirements. We created a digital loyalty system and an order and payment solution that was fast, simple and cost-effective for markets to deploy and run. The product is now live in over 60 markets and connected to over 7,700 restaurants.


By scaling technology rather than resources, Umain has helped to build, maintain & optimise a business critical digital product and platform to reach the following milestones;

  • 153 million total downloads
  • 25 million monthly active users
  • app is now live in 68 markets
  • connected to over 7,700 restaurants
  • mobile ordering live in 8 markets since launch in early 2021, with over 1.2 million transactions
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