Svenska Stöldskyddsföreningen

Taking SSF into the 21st century with a new digital offering


Client: Svenska Stöldskyddsföreningen

Services: Product Design, UX Design, Web Development, Data Analytics


Cyber crimes, grooming, ID theft, phishing and fraud all impact more and more people every day. SSF have supplied physical security advice for almost 100 years. With cyber crimes on the surge, SSF had the challenge, and the opportunity, to become a leader in the digital crime prevention space.


Umain helped SSF to design, build and launch a platform to proactively educate people about digital security, as well as supporting them if they had been compromised, and needed to react accordingly. This platform covered an information void where police, insurance companies and government were not fully joined together. Both speedy time-to-market in launching such a new service, and retaining users once they had trialled the platform, were essential requirements of the project. Umain decided to solve this by working in a data-driven way. We ranked all development requests and backlog items according to the impact they brought and the relative ease of implementation in each case. By doing so, the facts of what users want and do on the service became the foundation for all design and technology decisions.


  • 3.5 months from discovery phase to launch
  • 33% increase in conversion rate
  • 100% increase of sessions during optimisation work stream
  • consistent 50+ score on customer NPS
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