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A diverse team of entrepreneurs, designers, analysts and engineers united by a passion to build the future, not just talk about it.

Umain is a digital product design and software engineering consultancy that is committed to help organisations uncover opportunities and realise them at pace. We apply an entrepreneurial mindset and practice the art of possible to get things done. We create impact by putting humans in the centre of decisions and by leveraging future technology. 

We don’t just talk about the future. We build it.


The Umain approach

Entrepreneurial mindset

We have an entrepreneurial mindset and go beyond ideas, presentations and prototypes to launch real companies, products and services that we continually improve and scale.

Humans in the centre of business decisions

Our approach is human-centric because businesses that keep winning put their most valuable asset in the centre of decisions. We interact with real customers and users through data and qualitative studies to uncover new opportunities.

Tomorrow’s technology today

We harness tomorrow’s technology. As organisations increasingly rely on software and technology, we help our clients solve problems in new ways by utilising the benefit of tomorrow's technological advancements.

From our early days in software engineering, our curiosity has led us to become a new kind of operation - taking the best of a software consultancy, a design agency and combining it with the best of business consulting. In the process, we’ve become one of the Nordic’s leading digital product design and software engineering consultancies.

For over 20 years we have and continue to help our clients to deliver breakthrough insights, viable strategies and customer experiences beyond the ordinary. Stockholm-based, but made up of an international team of reasonable rebels, pragmatic visionaries and humble experts we give our clients access to diverse cultural insights, rare talent and robust delivery, wherever they are.



Ahmet Cengiz

Software Developer

Alexander Eneroth

Software Developer

Alexander Kubista

Software Developer

Anatoliy Gromov

VP Design

Ankit Dubey

Program Manager

Anna-Karin Lundgren

Principal Content Design

Anton Strandberg

Project Manager

Athanasios Doulgeris

Software Developer

Camilla Jansson

UX Designer

Christina Matievskaya

Product Designer

Damien Smyth

VP Analytics

David Håkansson


David Öhman

Software Developer

Doortje Spanjerberg

Software Developer

Edvald Eysteinsson

Software Developer

Elin Gyllengahm

Project Manager

Guillaume Manzano

Software Developer

Gustavo Muñoz

Business Designer

Henrik Forsberg

Software Developer

Isak Anklew

VP Project Management

Jennifer Söderberg

Software Developer

Jesper Weissglas

Technical Director

Joakim Lodén

Software Developer

Johan Kling

Data Analyst

Jon Dranger

Design Director

Jonas Wikström

Business Design Director

Karl Åström

Software Developer

Kristian Sörefelt

Product Designer

Leo Kannisto

Software Developer

Liza Rhee

Business Design Director

Magnus Fagerberg


Mark Tierney

Technical Director

Martin Petersson

Software Developer

Martin Ring

Product Designer

Mattias Mångberg


Mattias Olsson


Melanie Choko

Business Design Principal

Mert Serin

Software Developer

Michael Nyberg

Business Design Director

Ola Löwbeer

Software Developer

Olle Havemose

IT Manager

Ove Lindström

Technical Director

Patrick Doran

Web Analyst

Petra Larsson

Project Manager

Richard Häbel

Software Developer

Soham Qadri

Technical Director

Thomas Morice

Software Developer

Timmy Assjer Fredriksson

Web Analyst

Tove Sundgren

Product Designer

Ulyana Gorohova

Project Manager

Vanja Folin

Web Analyst

Varsha Singh

Software Developer

Wayne Knoesen

VP Technology

Yosra Axling

HR & Office Manager

Yuma Shimizu

Associate Technical Director

Enough about us, let's talk about you!

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